Mark 1:1-13

The pivotal issue for the book of Mark is the author’s demand that the reader
figure out an answer to the question: “who is this?”
The central question of the
whole book is given in chapter 4, describing the experience of Jesus disciples.
Jesus Calms the Storm:

Jesus suggests that the group head to the other side of the lake on their
fishing boats

While they are on the way, Jesus d
ecides to take a nap in the back of the
boat in the stern.

Then a huge storm comes, water starks entering the boat, and disciples
are afraid. So the disciples become very perturbed. . . in fact, they are

I am guessing after some deliberation; th
ey decide to wake Jesus. They
wake Jesus and immediately he speaks to the storm, and it calms down.

And in the resolution of this story

after the storm has abated and the
problem is over

the disciples are filled with wonder, awe and fear. And
they whisper
to each other:
“who then is this, that even the wind and the
sea obey him?”
(Mark 4:41).