Malachi 1:6-14 The Worship God Hates


Dishonoring worship
Minimalistic worship
Lukewarm worship
Compromised worship


How much worship does God deserve? How much honor, reverence, fear, awe, love, obedience, and sacrifice? The truth is we can never worship, honor or revere God too much. If I as a finite creature gave every moment of time to give a constant flow of heartfelt praise, it would never be enough. If every person in all of creation worshipped God for all eternity, even this finite choir could not give God’s infinite majesty the glory it is due. Enter sin into that equation where we worship as sinners, from sinful hearts, in sinful ways, and you can see the many ways in which we sin in our worship. It is this matter of sinful worship that Malachi turns next in 1:6-14.