Luke 24:36-43: Jesus the Firstborn from the Dead

We live in a world that is fixated on the here and now.  We live in what Charles Taylor called an Immanent Frame, a view of existence that is cut off from any sense of transcendence.  This is all there is.  Because there is no certainty of hope there is an intense desperation that infects life in the West.  If this is all there is, then this will deeply impact how you live.  If this is the only life you have, why work at a marriage that is hard?  If this is all there is why die a lingering death, just end your own life quickly with assisted suicide.  If this is the only world we have then we had better go about some very strict measures trying to salvage it, and limiting how many people populate it.  If this is the only life you have to make your choices then don’t let anything restrict them.  If this is the only life you have to express yourself and fulfil your desires then don’t let anyone deny you.  Living well in an immanent frame is not measured by your conforming yourself to God’s will and image, not it is measured by whether you have mastered self-help techniques to make your life more self-fulfilling.  The orientation of all of life is around this life not the next.  Have you noticed how everything has become political?  Now that God is out of the picture government has moved in to take His place.  Because we no longer serve God’s will and human beings are now the center of the universe, to preserve freedom for people to live before God with a liberty of conscience is no longer the priority.  Governments now feel themselves justified in being heavy handed as they force our own good on us; and force those who disagree to go against conscience to accommodate minority views.  Because there is no truth, all our views must have equal status and we are witnessing what it looks like to see governments try and make laws without the guidance of God’s truth.