Luke 22:21-30: Preparing the Disciples: Part One


Exposing a false disciple
Explaining true discipleship
Encouraging faithful disciples


If you knew you were having your last meal with your loved ones before you died, what would you say to them at this meal? We know of several things that happened at Jesus’s last meal with His disciples. We know that Jesus washed the disciple’s feet. We know He gave the new Commandment. We know that He instituted the Lord’s Supper. In John’s gospel we have what is called the Upper Room discourse where Jesus lectures on many deep and wonderful topics including the coming and ministry of the Holy Spirit. We know He prayed what is called the High Priestly prayer in John 17. As Luke reports the last meal of Jesus with His disciples, as he records the final words spoken. Luke focuses on matters related to preparation and discipleship. As you look at the remaining section from v21-38 you can see at least five things that relate to discipleship. V21-23, Jesus again speaks about His betrayal by a false disciple; in v24-27, Jesus maps out servanthood as the paradigm for leadership; in v28-30, Jesus encourages the disciples with a promise of their final reward and reign; in v31-34, Peter is singled out and warned of his pending testing; and in 35-38, Jesus warns of the coming difficulties for ministry. All of these things had a direct bearing upon the original twelve but have relevance for us as well.

We will be dealing with the first 3 of the five matters raised under the headings, exposing a false disciple; explaining true discipleship; encouraging faithful disciples.