Luke 22:14-20: The Lord’s Supper


Final Passover
First Communion


We come to the celebration of the Passover in the Upper Room, and what is the last Passover, will become the institution of the first Lord’s Supper. What would have been merely another Passover for the apostles, is the penultimate Passover for Christ. What would have been a quirky and idiosyncratic Passover for the disciples was in fact the beginning of a new institution, marking the beginning of a new age, and a new practice for a new people of God. What was thought to be the remembrance of past deliverance was in fact the announcement of a coming and greater deliverance. As we come to Luke 22:14-20 we come to a portion of scripture that can be disorienting because as we stand in the disciples shoes and look through their eyes our eyes are cast backwards, we think of Egypt, of bloody Passover lambs, of Moses and deliverance from slavery to become a nation. But as we listen to Christ and understand what He is saying and doing our minds are forced to consider the typological meanings behind those OT events, and cast forward to the fulfillment that will brought about by Christ dying on the cross.

As we go through these verses we will attempt to view both perspectives. Our headings for this section are last Passover; first communion.