Luke 21:29-38: Looking Forward to the Final Day


The certainty of that day
Preparing for that day


We come to the final part of Jesus teaching in the temple. You will notice in v37-38 that there is a summarizing statement describing Jesus teaching in the temple and the people coming to listen. The last words of Jesus public ministry as recorded by Luke have to do with the last events in history before His return. Christ in this sermon to end all sermons has discussed some of the heaviest and hardest topics. He has discussed the end of the OT, a period which closes with a judgement. He discusses the end of the world which too will close with a judgement. He has indicated that there will be a delay between these judgements and that it will be a time of great difficulty for Christians. It will be a time filled with natural catastrophes, wars, pestilences and famines, religious deception, apostasy and persecution. As Christ draws His thoughts on the second coming to a close He ends with two very important points; the certainty of that day; and how to prepare for that day. These will be our two points.