Luke 1:26-38: The Annunciation

When I mention Mary the Mother of Jesus was immediately springs to mind? Those with Roman Catholic roots might think of the Ave Maria, the prayer to Mary. Many may think of various statues or art works. As Protestants we see Mary as surrounded with controversy because the honour that has been paid her, which is technically defined as being less than that given to Christ, seems to amount to idolatry. Today we are going to explore our Mariology. Mariolatry is the worship of Mary, that is not what we want to establish, but rather, Mariology, a biblical doctrine of Mary.

We will break our text, Luke 1:26-38 up under three traditional titles for Mary. The virgin Mary where we will examine the miracle and significance of the virgin birth. Secondly, we will look at Mary the Mother of God focusing on Gabriel’s greeting and prophesy concerning Jesus. And thirdly, we want to look at Mary the servant of the Lord, a description given to her in v38 and think on her faith and example.