Luke 18:31-34: ‘Everything…Written…Will be Accomplished.’


Death, burial and resurrection


I am a fan of science fiction and fantasy, and a common theme in many these genres is the issue of prophecy. Modern fiction thinking reflects modern world views. It too tries to create stories that don’t have God as the Bible describes Him in them. Often you will have a prophecy about someone’s death and this will spark the various characters into having philosophical dialogues. The main problem presented in these dialogues is this one. How can the future be fixed and our choices be free? A common plot twist is where the hero makes their own destiny refusing to be defined even by prophecy. These fictional versions of reality are products of a worldview without God where man writes his own destiny. There is no almighty God causing all things to come to pass according to a predetermined plan. And even if they allow for a God he too can only guess about the future because your choices are not set until you choose them. This fictional view of the universe sits well with our sinful instinct to deny a God over us and to think that we control reality and our own destinies.