Luke 18:1-8: The Parable of the Persistent Widow


Prayer is something that every Christian does, but nobody does well. Prayer is the native tongue of faith, but we trend towards doubt. Prayer is the hearts’ expression of love to God, but we are often cold towards God. Prayer is the outlet of holy desire, but we are full of sinful desires. We struggle to pray and we struggle to pray well. This could be because of sin in our lives that we withdraw from God’s searching gaze. This could be because of the business of life where the urgent drives out the important. It could be that our hearts have grown cold as we have binged on things that steal our spiritual hunger. We need to know how to pray like our bodies need to know how to breath. But here is the difference where breathing is instinctive prayer is deliberate. Add to this the fact that the Church and the Christian are often under duress. They experience trials from both within and without. Add to this the fact that God does not always answer prayer when and how we want Him to. This adds extra layers of difficulty to an already difficult task.