Luke 12:35-48: The Master’s Return

We come now to a section which deals with the second coming of Christ. We are in that part of the gospel where Jesus is training His disciples; He has warned them about persecutions; He has warned them about the trap of riches; He has outlined God’s care so that we can live holding loosely to the things of this life, but Jesus also prepares His disciples for His departure. The disciples were not envisaging a coming of the Messiah that involved the Messiah coming and dying and then going to heaven while the gospel went out to all nations, no they thought things would progress to the point that Jesus would raise an army and sit enthroned in Jerusalem. Jesus equips His disciples to seek His kingdom while He is gone; this involves being ready for His return, and being faithful while He is gone.

As we move through this section these will be our two headings, we will look at v35-40 under be ready, and 41-48 under be faithful.