Luke 12:13-21: The Parable of the Rich Fool

There is a sin which every person here struggles with that Jesus addresses next, the sin of Greed/covetousness. On a daily basis we wake up to a heart that is dissatisfied with what it has and thinks that happiness lies in having more. When on the hunt to purchase something we need, for just a few more dollars we get an upgrade with better options. Once we have bought it we get buyers regret because once we get the thing we thought we always wanted it has flaws and limitations and can’t do everything we want. We spend a lot of time thinking about that next great purchase and it feels great when we get it, but then that euphoria wears off and we need something else. Friends we have a heart problem, we have a sinner’s heart that tries to fulfil itself on things in creation instead of finding satisfaction in the Creator and the eternal riches He has in store for us. Every Christian is an heir a guaranteed millionaire but we act like paupers.

We come now to the parable of the rich fool in Luke 12:13-21. 12:1-12 dealt with the temptation to leave Christ because of persecution, now we come to the temptation to leave Christ because of greed. Both these sins are outlined for us in the parable of the sower. The seed that is sown among thorny ground and springs up but dies with the heat of the sun represents those who become fair weather disciples who fall away under persecution. This section addresses the seed sown among thorns where the cares of this life choke out the seed.

We will look at the warning, then the parable, then Christ’s closing lesson.