Romans 3:24: Justified

In every area of life you get technical terms. In the area of sport we are quite familiar with arcane and exclusive terms and phrases. For example, to those who know and love cricket, you will know what I am talking about if I mention a ‘double Nelson;’ or ‘Duckworth-and –Lewis.’ If you watch Rugby you will know what they mean by the word, ‘conversion.’ And if you know your way around a Word document you will understand what it means to ‘justify your document.’ Anyone who has studied or mastered an area will be informed as to what certain terms and acronyms mean. Imagine how many words doctors; lawyers; policemen; tax officials; mechanics; engineers; electricians, etc., have to learn. However, Christians have failed to learn the terms and phrases that their eternal destiny depend upon. In my final year of Bible College in South Africa I was due to be interviewed for acceptance onto the list of probationary ministers. I was on my way up to Pietersburg with a few of my fellow 4th year college students. One man in particular was quite nervous, and was worried that he would fail the interviews. I tried to reassure him and tell him that we would not be asked very difficult questions, but just the basic ones like, ‘What does Justification by faith mean?’ He then asked me, ‘What does it mean?’ Sadly he was approved at the interviews and accepted to preach in the various churches of the Baptist Union of South Africa. My point is that he did not know it, and many Christian today are the same.