Isaiah 9:1-7: Jesus, the prophesied Messiah

You noticed perhaps a similar theme between the two portions of Scripture this morning, and that is one of celebration and rejoicing. So let me ask you this question, what do you celebrate at Christmas time? Perhaps you are happy about the time off work? Perhaps you enjoy spending the break with family and friends? Perhaps you are like the neighbour down my street, and use it as an occasion to put lights on every available surface outside your home? Maybe you like the giving of gifts, or if you are a child, you like the receiving gifts? If you are like me, perhaps you enjoying singing the great Christian hymns. Perhaps you enjoy the Christmas spirit of goodwill to one another or the many of the Christmas traditions that we have picked up in the Western world that are associated with Christmas, like snow, and Christmas trees and wreaths and Santa and reindeer. And for the most part, all of these things in and of themselves are not wrong to enjoy as cultural traditions. But I can also assure you, that the day Jesus Christ was born 2000 years ago, there was not a public holiday, there was no feasting or sparkling lights, there was no Santa or 50% off sales. Yet, at the birth of the child Jesus, there was a celebration and anticipation among some that would barely be replicated in even the most pious Christian households throughout the world on Christmas day. And I will be speaking to you today, to exhort you all to join the shepherds and the angels in their celebration and rejoicing over Jesus Christ.