Romans 2:17-4: Hypocrisy

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“Every true revival of God follows the same pattern: first there is a deep conviction of sin as the Holy Spirit uses the law to lay bare the sinners sin, his accountability to the judgement of God, and his total inability to cleanse himself, or do anything to save himself. This has often been evidenced in deep distress, crying out, weeping; shouting for ‘mercy’ and earnest prayer to God. Secondly, when the Gospel is set forth, and Christ is shown to be the only hope, the sufficient saviour, and the free gift of God for helpless sinners. Then, those who have felt their thirst come to the fountain, those who have felt their deep and ravenous hunger sit down to the Gospel feast, those who have felt the filth of sin plunge into the bath, and experience great joy in knowing their acceptance with God. Every true revival then has needed preachers who will faithfully stand up and declare the fullness of God’s law and requirements of man, how far short he falls, and the terrible judgement that will come upon them unless they receive the gift of God’s righteousness to clear them in His courtroom. One eyewitness to a revival in Korea marks the working of the Spirit in bringing men into deep conviction of sin:
“Every man forgot every other. Each was face to face with God. I can hear yet that fearful sound of hundreds of men pleading with God for life, for mercy. The cry went out over the city till the heathen were in consternation…Looking up to heaven, to Jesus whom they had betrayed, they smote themselves and cried with bitter wailing: ‘Lord, Lord, cast us not away for ever!’ Everything else was forgotten, nothing else mattered.” “