Homosexual Marriage 2: Examining the Texts


  • Genesis 1-2
  • Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Levitical law
  • Paul


There are several things you will hear when the bible enters into the discussion on homosexual marriage. Firstly, you will hear the comment that there are only a few verses in the bible that address the issue. Secondly, you will hear that the bible is speaking to only certain types of homosexual behaviour but is not addressing life-long loving unions, nor orientation. Thirdly, the trajectory set by the NT if taken to its logical conclusion in fact supports gay marriage. It is only in the last generation with the influence of Liberation theology, reader response theories and other post-modern influences on the reading of the Bible that anyone would even think to say that the bible in fact supports homosexual marriage. The battle has been brought to the very bible and the Christian is being challenged that they are reading it all wrong. If you go onto the internet and this is one of the most common things you will find in the comments sections on the issue of homosexuality. You will often have some vocal person who has read a few liberal scholars spouting that the bible does not condemn homosexual marriage. The common Christian has not spent deliberate time looking at the various texts and can sometimes feel flustered at the apparently valid arguments that are brought against the traditional view. Sadly I have encountered those who are trapped in a homosexual lifestyle and think that the bible in fact condones their activities and the lies they believe about their identities because of these confusing arguments. So today we will be looking at the various texts and putting many fallacies to bed.