Ephesians 6:1-3: Children obey your parents: Part 1

The family today is under attack.  This basic building block of society which has everywhere had a basic form of father, mother and children as the inner core and in laws and other extended family beyond that, can no longer be assumed as the norm.  Romans 1 tells us what happens when humanity turns its back on God.  They suppress the truth in unrighteousness.  It can be the truth of God’s existence as witnessed in nature, the truth of God’s law as witnessed in conscience, and the truth of our sexuality in our bodies, and the truth of family as expressed in every society. Humanity becomes a law unto itself attacking the very things that define it as the idol of self-invention, self-expression, in the pursuit of the authentic self.  Listen to these latest trends taking place in the western world. In 2019 a Canadian father was found guilty of family violence for to the sex reassignment surgery of his 14 year old daughter to become a boy.  ‘The mother has decided to go along with the child and with the process of what is known as gender reassignment, but the father has not been willing to go along. Furthermore he’s raised basic questions about the very diagnosis that the medical establishment in Canada has assigned to his child. He has continued to speak of the child according to the child’s birth name and using pronouns that fit the child’s birth sex.’[1]  ‘The court there in British Columbia has ordered that a 14-year-old girl receive testosterone injections without parental consent, that is the consent of the girl’s father. The court has also declared that if either of the child’s parents referred to her using female pronouns or addressed her by her birth name, the parents could be charged with family violence.’[2]  The father was subsequently charged with family violence because he refused to use masculine pronouns in private and because he publicised his case and used feminine pronouns in public.  As a result he has been given a gag order and is forbidden to speak to the press.  This is just one example of governments driven by an ideology that does not acknowledge the God given role of parents to order their children’s lives.  ‘In the state of Ohio, parents have had their own parental rights negated because of a similar situation in which they would not agree to the gender transition, or the sex reassignment as it has been called, for their own teenage child, and instead the child was placed in the custody of the child’s grandparents because the grandparents told the court they would agree to the therapy, to the medical treatment, recognizing the autonomy of this teenager.