Envy- Part 2- Proverbs 24:19-20

The bible often surprises us when it addresses our sin.  We often dress it down, underestimate it, and make out that it is a failing of the weak.  The Bible exposes each one of us to be a sinner, and of a dark and perverse kind.  Take envy, when we think of envy we think it is a manageable and small sin, something that you would find among the immature on the playground or in the nursery where we think of children fighting over a toy.  But when the Bible talks about envy it reveals that we all have a heart problem that is fatal unless attended to.  The same Hebrew word meant positively qana can mean to be zealous; but meant negatively means to be jealous/envious.  This reminds us of the nature of sin, it highjacks something good in us, a large capacity of heart given to us by God to pursue Him and His will, and sin comes in and turns it into something self-serving and destructive.