Easter Sunday: Revelation 5: The Resurrected Lamb


Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!  But what is the significance of this?  Is it merely a miracle to prove Jesus is who He said He is? Is it only relevant to prove that our salvation is real, and that sins have been paid for?  It is all this and more.  Today I would like to talk about the resurrection of Christ as the beginning of the end.  It is because Christ is resurrected and ascended on high and taken the throne at the right hand of the Father that God’s plan to overcome satan and sin and death will come to pass.  It is because Jesus is at the right hand of the Father as the vice-regent of God that all that happens in time is part of God’s plan as He drives everything to that single goal.  Revelation 5 takes us behind the scenes to see what happens after the resurrection to show us its significance of ourselves and all of creation.