Contradictions in the Bible

Nearly anyone you speak to today will say that the Bible is full of contradictions, therefore it cannot be a solid basis upon which to build our faith in God. I suggest that anytime someone says this ask them for one example, it will probably be the case that they are repeating something that they have heard and not something that they have established by their own research. This will be our last study in apologetics in this series. Next week we will begin a series through the minor prophet, Jonah. There are many different types of apparent contradictions in the Bible, and I call them apparent because although at first they may appear to be contradictions a little research usually resolves the tension.

Today as we consider this issue we will begin by defining a what a contradiction is. This may sound ridiculous but it is my experience that many people confuse difficult to understand with a contradiction. Then we will deal with some doctrinal examples of contradictions and then also some textual examples, limiting ourselves to the gospels.