Chap. 4 Para. 2 Was Adam Historical

Several years ago now I was on a panel of pastors for a Q&A, one of the questions that was
asked was what is the next major area of doctrinal controversy that will arise? The history
of the church has seen disputes in the area of the inerrancy of Scripture, the doctrine of
Creation, the doctrine of justification, the doctrine of the Trinity. My answer was that the
next major area for controversy was the doctrine of anthropology. With challenges in the
area of theistic evolution denying the biblical Adam; egalitarianism denying male headship;
homosexuality denying God’s view of marriage; abortion denying human beings made in the
image of God; transgenderism denying God creating a binary reproductive pair of male and
female; the purpose of marriage being to bear children being challenged by people opting to
sterilize themselves to preserve the environment; the basic goodness of humanity and a
denial of our inheriting of original sin from Adam. And there is more, I do not see myself as
a prophet but I nailed that one, we are in a crisis of anthropology today. This is the next
topic we turn to in our confession