Apologetics Acts: Part One

Pastor Nick is away in the North Island and so I will be bringing the word to you this morning and this afternoon, and we will be taking a break for Pastors Nicks exposition through the book of Luke and Ephesians. And just like the last time I preached, I will be preaching this morning on the topic of my current course this morning, and when I tell you what it is, some of you will probably inwardly sigh. And the course I am taking is about apologetics. And if you aren’t already jumping out of your seat in excitement already, then we are going to be looking at apologetics by analysing two sermons. Even though it sounds like you’re in for a long and dry morning, do not worry. I am not here at all to give you a lecture, and bore you with a methodology about the four things to say to an unbeliever or the five steps to take to get someone saved. No, I am here to open the Word of God and explain it to you, so rest assured, even though the term apologetics sounds cold and dry and technical, I will do my best to prove it otherwise.