Acts 19:1-7: Second Baptisms


A controversial issue among Christians is the question of second baptisms. At the time of the Reformation this was a huge issue. The Reformers, who practiced baby baptism had to ask themselves the question, is baptism by a Roman Catholic priest legitimate? They concluded that it was because it was done in the name of the Trinity according to Matthew 28:19. But then there were those known as the Anabaptists who rejected the practice of infant baptism declaring that baby baptism is no baptism at all and true believers need to be baptised after they have believed in obedience to the biblical pattern. The question of second baptisms did not stop there. With the Wesleys we saw the introduction of a two storey Christian experience that laid the foundation for holiness movements claiming the necessity of a second experience known as entire sanctification; or the Pentecostals who claimed the need for a second baptism in the Spirit with the evidence of tongues accompanying it. Even among some Reformed thinkers there is the teaching that one needs a second baptism of the Spirit for sealing to have joy and assurance. Today Rebekah is being baptised again. She was baptised as a child but does not believe that she was converted so she is being baptised for the first time properly. We will turn our attention to Acts 19:1-7 where we have an instance of those who have already been baptised, but who are not believers needing to be baptised again.