2 Samuel 9: David and Mephibosheth


  • David’s faithfulness
  • Mephibosheth’s blessing


If you had to pick the highlight of David’s life, what would you choose? Some might choose David as a young man slaying Goliath in defence of God’s honour; some might choose David’s desire to build God a temple. I would choose 2 Samuel 9 where David keeps a covenant and shows covenant love to Mephibosheth. It is not David’s bravery, or wit, or military strategy, or good looks, or riches and success; it is not even his faith, but his mercy to Mephibosheth that is put on display. This chapter stands out because it gives a tremendous picture of the gospel greater than any other in the life of David. The king of Israel points to our Saviour King in his grace, mercy and faithfulness.

The two points of our text revolve around the two main characters. We want to look at David’s faithfulness, and Mephibosheth’s blessings.