2 Samuel 5: David Anointed King


  • Ascendancy
  • Occupancy
  • Prosperity
  • Victory


Chapter five acts as a scrapbook collection of God’s promises fulfilled to David. We have been looking at David’s long journey and preparation to be king. We have followed David the young boy anointed king who fought in Saul’s army; David the refugee running for his life; David the mercenary and his stint in the Philistine army; and David the king of one tribe in the midst of a civil war. Chapter 5 acts to show God’s promises to David fulfilled, and how it pulls out some highlights to indicate God’s faithfulness. This is highlighted by the fact that this chapter is not a straight chronological narrative. V1-3 David being coroneted king would have come first. Then the Philistine attacks of v17-25; then David would have secured Jerusalem 6-10; and then in the last ten years of his life Hiram of Tyre would have sent supplies to build David a house, v11-12.

There are four events pulled out for us to appreciate, they are David’s ascendancy to the throne; his occupancy of Jerusalem; his prosperity; and his victory over his enemies.