2 Samuel 16:15-17:29: The Fall of Ahithophel


God fulfils His promises; or God works all things together for good, these are phrases we often hear but don’t always have an accurate picture about how God works it all out. The fall of Ahithophel in 2 Samuel 16:15-17:29 is a great portion of Scripture which demonstrates in great detail how it happens. Contrary to the Christian movies and their soft edges the way things actually pan out in reality while under God’s control have a very different feel to them. We will see that God does bring His purposes to pass, but it isn’t pretty and suitable for a child’s fairy tale. We will see terrible sins fulfilling God’s will; we will see nail-biting moments where everything looks like it could collapse in a moment. We will see evil overcome not by the rise of a great hero who publicly overcomes in honest combat but evil self-destructing. And we will see the weak and ‘despised’ things of this world being used by God to bring His purposes to pass.

This is important for us to note because we are in God’s hands and He is working out His purposes and fulfilling His promises in our lives, but they don’t look and feel like the fairy tale endings of Christian movies and novels. This section is food for thought not because of any great moral examples but because it gives us a realistic view of how God’s sovereignty works.