2 Samuel 14: Absalom’s return


  • David the manipulated
  • Absalom the manipulator


God has promised to discipline David, it will eventuate in David’s throne being stolen by Absalom. The text is mapping out for us the events that bring about David’s decline. Perhaps it has stood out for you as well how God is working out His purposes of discipline. He leaves David to make his own bed before he has to lie in it. David does not properly punish Amnon, and now David will not properly deal with Absalom. David is under God’s discipline and David is the rod for his own back. His own choices and actions will bring about the discipline God foretold. We have before us a chapter all about manipulation. Joab manipulates David, Absalom manipulates Joab, and the stage is set for Absalom to ascend the throne. This chapter however goes into a lot of detail about the deceptions that lead to that main event. And centre stage is David, and this is what I want you to look out for as we go through this chapter. We will see a man who is being manipulated because he wants to be. At every turn as the king he has certain responsibilities laid upon him but he is willing to believe certain lies because they resonate with what he wants. You are going to witness a man that will appear to have many extenuating circumstances which make his actions appear more agreeable, but this is a thin veneer for David’s sins. Manipulation is the main theme but in particular the way we allow ourselves to be manipulated.