2 Samuel 13: Amnon and Tamar: Part Two

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  • Jonadab’s council
  • Absalom’s hatred
  • David’s permissiveness


‘The sword shall not depart from your house.’ We are in the middle of looking at the shadow of the sword of God’s judgement on David’s sin and how it is affecting his family. Last time we looked at the terrible action of Amnon raping his sister. This chapter has no redeeming aspects to it, it leaves you feeling dirty at the end of it, and this is all deliberate. When the snowball of sin begins to roll down the hill this is the damage that it causes. The horror of sin as God’s justice allows sinners to have the sins they want is the penetrating lesson. We have looked at Amnon who reminded us of the lust that our generation si handing itself over to, we continue now looking at Jonadab’s council, Absalom’s hatred and David’s permissiveness.