1 Samuel 25: A Wise Woman


  • Nabal
  • David
  • Abigail


Roger Ellsworth talks about three types of grace. Saving grace is when God takes a sinner out of their sin and brings them to saving faith in Christ. Restoring grace is when God takes a believer who has veered off the path into sin and returns them to obedience. And restraining grace, this is when God keeps a believer from heading into sin. In this chapter we see another example of God’s restraining grace, and how God uses a wise woman to shame proud men. God’s goodness to David comes in the form of a godly woman, Abigail. In a chapter full of pigheaded men her humble wisdom shines through. And so true to Proverbs 11:16, ‘A gracious woman gets honour, and violent men get riches.’ We will look at the three main characters of our chapter, Nabal, David and Abigail.