1 Samuel 18-19: The Rise and Fall of Israel’s Monarch


  • David’s 9 lives
  • Saul’s envy
  • God’s protection


The next two chapters read like an action sequence from a movie. We have the star and the villain, both are contending for the throne of Israel, one is rising one is falling. As we watch this unfolding drama, there is a ubiquitous and unseen character who is in every seen, God. He is sovereignly overruling, and providentially protecting the King whose line will one day birth the Messiah of the world. This little contest is a microcosm of the timeless battle between the seed of the serpent and the godly line. And through it all we see the Sovereign God working all things together for good. So as we go through a larger chunk of scripture I am going to first give us an overview of the 9 attempts on David’s life and how he responds, the driving envy of Saul, and finally God’s protection.