1 Samuel 13: Saul Sins Away the Kingdom


  • Jonathan
  • Saul
  • Samuel


Which is worse to lose all your earthly possessions, lose your health, your reputation and all things earthly, or to sin against God? One of the repetitive features of the OT narratives is that no matter how serious the problems were the characters of the Bible were facing, you will find that God sees sin as more serious than any other catastrophe that can happen to us. Sin is what brings the judgement of God upon us, sin is what makes God our enemy who is stronger than any earthly trouble we could face. The story we have before us is a narrative that summarises Saul’s reign highlighting his sins. The chapter outlines the tragedy of how Saul lost the kingdom for he and Jonathan who was looking so promising. We will track Saul’s loss of the kingdom by looking at the three main characters of this chapter, Jonathan, Saul and Samuel.