1 Kings 1:1-10 : The Self-Exaltation of Adonijah


Kingmaking, self-enthronement, pride, self-exaltation, these are the sins that meet us as we begin the book of 1 Kings moving from the reign of David to the reign of Solomon.  We are at a crucial point in salvation history.  David becoming King has fulfilled an important prophecy given to Judah by Jacob, and is giving substance to the longed for deliverer promised from the foundation of the earth—the seed of the woman promised in Gen. 3:15.  Just after the fall of mankind into sin God promised a deliverer who would destroy satan and his works.  With David having become king and subdued the Philistines and other enemies, the stage seems set for the arrival of the promised one.  A golden age where a permanent temple will be built and God will dwell with His people forever.  The sad truth is that the whole books of 1 and 2 Kings are a parade of sinful men who only increase our desire for the true King who will rule and bring in God’s kingdom of peace and sinlessness.  The period of kings ends not with God restoring the fellowship of Eden but a repeat of Eden as Israel is exiled from the land.  The history of the kings is a sad testimony to the impotence of man to be holy, to rule God’s world as His vice regents.

The book of 1 kings covers 400 years.  Many might think the book boring and tedious but it is very succinct account given the time that it covers.  And the issues it covers are those of supreme importance, there is no wasted information like what clogs up so many history textbooks.  The first half of the book details the rise and reign of Solomon.  We have chosen to continue on from the life of David to Solomon, not merely to get closure and watch David die, but because the life of Solomon is so important for us today.  He was a man of the world, full of wisdom, but weak, and fell prey to the very modern sins of money, sex and power.  We hope to gain many lessons from his life.