1 Kings 11:1-8: The Fall of Solomon


Solomon was a wiser man than you or I and he fell into sin. A terrifying thought when we all know our weakness so well. It is very important for us to study men like Solomon, men and women who are better than us, but also sinners like us to see how it is that sin takes them. We have been observing some of the warning signs that have been setting Solomon up for his fall. We have seen his small compromises in the area of riches and political alliances. But here in 1 Kings 11:1-8 we are confronted with Solomon’s Achilles heel, his great weakness and the opening through which his great fall came. It can all be summarised in the first few words of verse 1, ‘Now King Solomon love many foreign women.’ This section gives details about the many unbelieving wives Solomon had, but not only that it also gives us a biblical view on how sin takes a person. It focuses our attention on Solomon’s heart and how he gave his heart to his sins instead of to God. So in observing this section we want to look at the two issues that are raised, firstly, the notion of being unequally yoked with unbelievers, and secondly, how losing our hearts to sin is the way we all fall.