1 Kings 10:14-29: Solomon’s wealth


The best of man is man at best is a very helpful saying when thinking about the peak of Solomon reign. We are in the chapter that is marking the high point of Solomon’s wealth and influence. The text details for us the staggering wealth of Solomon’s kingdom and his effect on the surrounding nations. There is much here that is good and gives glory to God. However, chapter 11 is just around the corner, the chapter that describes Solomon’s turning from the Lord. A man does not suddenly become a backslider, it is a gradual thing and often there are signs that betray that course. This chapter which is one that highlights the best of Solomon’s reign has some of these signs.

This portion has two sections the first looks at the gold and gifts Solomon received v14-25; the second looks at the horses and chariots Solomon accumulated and traded in v26-29.