Church Membership

Church Membership 8: Mission

Speaker: | April 12, 2015

Introduction: For what purpose does the church in general and MRBC in particular exist? A cheap and easy answer is this: Three things, to minister to God; each other and the world! We have touched...

Church Membership 7: Worship

Speaker: | March 22, 2015

Introduction: Worship is one of the controversies that rocks and has the rocked the church in the last generation. Being a Reformed church we have a very deliberate view on worship. We feel that many...

Church Membership 6: Leadership in the Church

Speaker: | March 15, 2015

Introduction: The Roman Catholic Church says, ‘No Pope, no Church!’ The Anglican Church says, ‘No Bishop, no Church!’ The Presbyterian says, ‘No Elder, no Church!’ The Baptist says, ‘No congregation, no Church!’ These simplistic statements...