Luke 20:27-40: Jesus on the Resurrection

Speaker: | March 13, 2022

OUTLINE The cynic’s question The Savior’s answer INTRODUCTION Is there life after death? Many Post-Christian Western secular people say, No! But the majority of the world’s population, throughout history have said, Yes! The Vikings had...


Luke 20:1-8: The Authority of Jesus

Speaker: | February 20, 2022

OUTLINE The question of Jesus’ authority The question of John’s baptism INTRODUCTION It is Wednesday in the passion week, and this is a day of conflict and controversy. Just look down at chapter 20, notice...


Luke 19:45-48: Jesus and the Temple

Speaker: | February 13, 2022

OUTLINE Jesus enters the temple Jesus cleanses the temple Jesus’ zeal for the temple INTRODUCTION There are certain texts in the Bible that are pregnant with meaning; they have layers of meaning to unravel. Jesus’...


Luke 19:28-44: The King Enters Jerusalem

Speaker: | February 06, 2022

OUTLINE The prophet King The humble King The weeping King INTRODUCTION The coronation of royalty has always been a loud and expensive affair. When Napoleon decided to crown himself emperor he got a crown called...


Luke 19:11-27: The Parable of the Ten Minas

Speaker: | January 30, 2022

OUTLINE The King receives His kingdom His servants await His kingdom INTRODUCTION ‘When Herod the Great died in 4 b.c., it was obvious to almost everyone that his son Archelaus would take his throne in...


Malachi 2:10-16: Divorce: Part Two

Speaker: | January 23, 2022

INTRODUCTION Last week we began to engage with the second problem that Malachi was addressing around marriage in Israel. The Israelites were divorcing their wives to marry idolaters. We have dealt with the issue of...


Luke 19:1-10: The Salvation of Zacchaeus

Speaker: | January 23, 2022

INTRODUCTION Jericho will always be famous for 3 unlikely converts. Firstly, there is the conversion of the prostitute Rahab. At the time of the Exodus she had heard about God rescuing His people from Egypt...


Luke 18:35-43: The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus

Speaker: | January 16, 2022

OUTLINE The knowledge of faith The desperation of faith The asking of faith The consequences of faith INTRODUCTION It has been said that Christ’s miracles of healing various disabilities is a deliberate illustration of how...


Luke 18;18-30 The Young Ruler

Speaker: | January 02, 2022

OUTLINE Salvation is impossible with man Salvation is possible for God INTRODUCTION I want you to picture the best human being alive on earth right now. Think of a person who is virtuous, successful, lauded,...


Luke 18:9-14: The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Speaker: | December 12, 2021

INTRODUCTION Jeremiah 17:9 says of our hearts, ‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?’ Our hearts are self-deceiving, in other words we lie to ourselves. We deceive ourselves...