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John Mackay: The Creation Guy

John Mackay is the International Director of Creation Research. For the last 30 years he has been lecturing on God’s wonderful creation as well as leading field trips world-wide, and doing field research around the globe on Creation and Noah’s Flood.

He’s coming to South Canterbury during September to teach about Creation. The schedule is as follows:

Friday 15th 7pm / Geraldine Domain Pavilion
THE EVIDENCE DOWN UNDER – Australia’s unique animals from koalas to platypus point to creation.

Saturday 16th / 7pm / Wilson Street Baptist, Timaru
CREATION THE BLOOMING PROOF – The fascinating design of orchids.

Sunday 17th / 7pm / St Andrews Presbyterian, Geraldine
IT’S A YOUNG WORLD AFTER ALL – The evidence life was created not so long ago.

Monday 18th / 7pm / Life Church, Timaru
IF ADAM WAS A BLACK MAN? – How the different skin colours/racial features originated.

Tuesday 19th / 7pm / Life Church, Timaru
THE ROCKS CRY OUT- Fossils and living creatures prove life has produced its own kind.

Wednesday 20th / 7pm / Trinity Church, Temuka
DINOSAURS – The facts and the fossils.

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September 15, 2017


September 20, 2017



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