Romans 14:5: The Sabbath

Speaker: | May 27, 2018

Introduction: Listen to George Swinnock, a Puritan as he speaks about the beauty of the Christian Sabbath Day, ‘‘Hail thou art highly favoured of God, thou golden spot of the week, thou market –day of...


Romans 14:4 – Forgetting Grace

Speaker: | May 20, 2018

Introduction: At the heart of all false religion is a false view of grace. On the one hand we have legalistic type religions that put the emphasis on their own efforts and making ourselves worthy and...


Romans 14:1-3: Gospel Based Community

Speaker: | May 13, 2018

Introduction: Welcoming people of differing convictions is a hot topic today.  Inclusivism is the politically correct thing to.  Divisions among Christians are a perennial problem and the new sub-section we are beginning in Romans speaks...


Romans 13:12-14: Walking In The light

Speaker: | April 29, 2018

Introduction: Augustine, one of the church fathers of the 4thcentury is one of the most influential men in Christian history, was converted by this text.  He grew up in a home with a Christian mother...


Romans 13:11-12: What Time Is It?

Speaker: | April 22, 2018

INTRODUCTION: What time is it?  Where are we in the unfolding of time?  There are different answers to this question depending on your worldview. If you are materialist that has science as your religion, then the...


Romans 13:8: Paying our debts

Speaker: | April 08, 2018

INTRODUCTION: Debt is a familiar concept to us and today in Romans 13:8 Paul is going to speak to us about paying our debts.  Stott points out that the idea of debt is mentioned several...

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