Romans 14:20-23 – Faith and your conscience

Speaker: | August 05, 2018

Introduction:  ‘…the conscience functions as a spiritual nervous system, which uses guilt to inform us that something is wrong and needs correction. Failing to heed the warnings of conscience can lead only to the hardening...

Kingdom of God Whiteboard

Romans 14:17-19: The Kingdom of God

Speaker: | July 29, 2018

Introduction: This sermon forms a part two of this morning’s sermon on Romans 14:17-19. We promised to do a deeper look into the idea of the kingdom of God and that is what we are...


Romans 14:10-12: The Judgement Seat of God

Speaker: | July 08, 2018

Sorry no audio available for this sermon. Introduction: In the human heart lies a contradiction, we all want justice but we don’t want God as a judge.  In every culture and human experience there is a...


Romans 14:6: Freedom and Worship

Speaker: | June 10, 2018

Introduction: Whenever we are critical of others we tend to demonise those to the left or right of us.  We are so assured of our own correctness that anyone who is different from us gets...


Romans 14:5-6: Liberty of Conscience

Speaker: | June 03, 2018

Introduction: When I say the words, ‘Liberty of Conscience’, what comes to mind?  I hope you have two distinct ideas in your minds, Christian Liberty, and then the world’s wrong definition of it.  Freedom of...

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